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Lidia Solecka
Zrębice Pierwsze, Janowska 12, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: (034) 3285-872

"Cztery Pory Roku" („Four Seasons”)
Lucyna Szuster
Przymiłowice 137, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 034 3285 740

We offer a house fully equiped for guests. In the house there are 2 rooms for 3 people and 1 double room, additional bed. Completely equiped kitchen, bathroom. TV set and a refrigerator.
Our house is located in a very attractive place of Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska.
- Castle in Olsztyn 4 km
- 18th century Church in Olsztyn 4 km
- Breeding and Horse-riding Services Farm "KONICZYNY" 800 m
- Sokole Góry reserve with beautiful karstic caves and monadnock limestones 2,5 km
- Forest 200 m
Possibility of leisure activity as well as the active way of spending the free time.
We offer home made dishes prepared by housewives who use local products.
Our house is located 200 m from PKS (bus stop), 400 m from a petrol station.

"Folwark Zrębice" („Zrębice Farm”)
Stanisław Kozubek
Zrębice ul. Główna 17, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: ( 034 ) 3286228, 0605532097

- it is a complex of 2 agrotourist farms,
- 40 places in 9 rooms, with additional beds - 49 places,
- 6 bathrooms, including 3 in the rooms nr 5, 6, in the summer house,
- canteen for 50 people, banquet halls in alcoves – up to 100 people, covered barbecue place + tables and benches for 50 people,
- perfect accommodation with food for school trips, organised groups celebrating anniversaries, groups of similar interests (the same hobby),
- perfect accommodation for individuals, families, friends: for a short stay for one night, for a weekend, holidays; for people working in the area, only 13 km from Częstochowa, from main road nr 1. Guarded car parks. Car park for a bus. Invoicing for accommodation, food and other tourist services - attractions,
- playgrounds for football and volleyball,
- a place for organising outdoors events, also in the cave, in the quarry, in the bunkers from the Second World War,
- organising sleigh rides and educational horse-drawn carriage rides, after the ride - a firecamp, fireworks, hot wine, bigos, dance party until dawn,
- traditional New Year's Eve party outdoors – if the conditions allow – in the cave and by the firecamp, in the middle of a Jurassic forest, with fireworks,
- the only place in Jura, which has a carriage house. We own educational carriages, it is possible to organise trips to the castle ruins in Olsztyn, to the Paths of St. Giles, to Siedlecka Desert, to Brama Twardowskiego (Twardowski Gate), to the trout streams in Złoty Potok, Palace of Raczyńscy and Manor-house of Krasińscy,
- it is a head office of Jurassic Agrotourist Information.

Jagoda z widokiem na "Mały Giewont"

Polna 107, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 608 590 082, (034) 3285 483

Rooms with bathrooms and kitchen area. Big garden for leisure activity with a place for putting a tent, fireplace and barbecue.

"Jurajskie klimaty"
Monika Kosielak
Combika 6a, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 502 109 161, 0 510 227 267
Bank account number: 72 1020 1664 0000 3202 0038 6771

The building located near the northern hills of the Olsztyn castle ruins and 250 m from the centre of Olsztyn. High standard and aesthetic surroundings favour the leisure activity. From the new building you can admire the jurassic landscape.
We offer 5 rooms with bathrooms. There are 4 rooms for 3 people and 1 room for 5 people. Nearby a car park for 10 cars.

"Mały Dworek"
(Hotel / restaurant)
Kuhna 22, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: (0-34) 3285-019
phone: 784 254 875

Our hotel is located in a beautiful town, in the northern part of Kraków-Częstochowa Upland just  15 km from the centre of Częstochowa and 6 km from the main road Katowice - Warsaw A-1. Such location offers and easy access to the centre of Częstochowa as well as to the main road A-1 Katowice – Warsaw and the main road number 46 Częstochowa – Kielce. The house is located   300 meters from the market square in Olsztyn.
In the restaurant  there is a fireplace lounge for guests with comfortable chairs and a bar. In the front building just above the dining halls there are two apartments for 2 or 3 persons. In the depths, 10 meters from the building of the restaurant there is a two-storey building with 13 guest rooms. In total, we have enough place for 35-40 guests. All of our rooms have bathrooms and TV sets. We are also preparing a wireless Internet access. We offer two appartments of high standard, additionaly equipped with  refrigerators. Guests who use the apartments can order room-service and use sauna for 1 hour everyday, included in the price.
The house features a large recreational area, with sauna, swimming pool, hydroassage tub,  heated massage tables and a gym. On special request, we offer a physiotherapist who gives relaxing and healing massages.
For our guests we offer a beer garden and a beautiful garden with fountains, cascades and an alcove with stunning evening lights. The whole building is very intimate and offers complete relaxation and meals in a pleasant atmosphere. There are 6 parking places for guests. For the safety of our guests, the building is 24 hours guarded. The restaurant offers a wide range of delicious dishes, Polish cuisine and Italian cuisine prepared by qualified chefs. The bar offers a wide range of  alcohols and wines.
In the summer time,  we offer cart rides through the beautiful surroundings of Olsztyn; in the winter time we organise sleigh rides with torches, music and hot wine.

"Party House"

Marcin Gawron
Pl. Piłsudskiego 3, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 512 140 416

The building in the centre of Olsztyn, we offer 4 rooms: 3 rooms for 3 people with single beds   (possibility of joining beds), 1 room for 6 people with 4 single beds and 1 double bed (additional beds - up to 20 people).
We offer:
- 2 terraces with view on a castle and market square
- place for barbecue
- banquet hall with TV set
- kitchen
- 3 bathrooms
- car park
Possible to rent the house!!!
Party House is also adapted for organising parties until dawn. In the house there is a dancing hall with beautiful lights and the sounding equipment, bar, tableware. Ideal place for different types of parties.

"Pod Amonitem"
Roman Pluta
Zrębice, Główna 103, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 603 176 157

Our building is located in the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura, near Częstochowa, in the Olsztyn Commune in Zrębice (Eagles' Nests Route). We offer 4 rooms with separated entrance.
- Yellow Angel room – in the attic, for 3 people, marriage bed and one single bed, bathroom, balcony, radio, TV set, Internet.
- Blue Angel room – in the attic, for 3 people, marriage bed and one single bed, bathroom, radio,TV set, Internet.
- Green Angel double room – marriage bed, bathroom, radio, TV set, Internet.
- Dark Angel double room – 2 single beds, bathroom, radio, TV set, Internet.
In the bathrooms: a shower, a washbasin and a toilet. Wooden furniture in rooms create a domestic atmosphere. We are able to host 10 guests. On request, we are able to host 2 more people (we offer additional beds). Our place is family-friendly. In the rooms there is enough space for putting tourist beds, our guests can rent a baby bathtub. Outdoors there is a playground for children with a slide, swings, ladders, a sandbox and a little house.
In our area you can use the wireless Internet.
Our guests can use a fully equiped kitchen. The kitchen is joined with a dining room with tables for 12 people.

Moreover, we have a garden with a jurassic stone. Behind the house, there is an alcove with a roof and made of stone, with two wooden walls. Our guests can spend there a nice time, even in the rainy days. There is also a place for a camp-fire and barbecue.
There is a possibility to rent bikes.
Playground – to our youngest guests we propose games outdoors. In the garden, there is a playground with swings, ladders, slides, sandbox, enough space for playing in  the grass.
Car park – our guests can feel save parking their cars in our car park.
A room for storing bikes and other equipment – for our guests we prepared a save place for storing sports equipment, where you can feel free to leave your bikes, trolleys for children, equipment for climbing and other sports accessories.

"Pod Kasztanowcem"

Zygmunt Pietrzak
Zrębice Drugie, Żarecka 14, 42-256 Olsztyn
tel. 0-783 401 745
Bank account number: 33 1030 0019 0109 8518 0394 9177

The building is located near a forest. The house is surrounded with a garden – a perfect place for leisure activities, and a mini playground for children. Open year round. Separate entrance for guests. We have 1 double room for rent (additional beds) and 3 double rooms. We offer a fully equiped kitchen, one guest room, a bathroom, a toilet and a garage only for guests. There is a place for putting a tent in the garden.

On request of our guests, we can prepare meals. Moreover we offer fresh vegetables and fruits.;

"Pod Słoneczną Skałą"
Edward Kosielak
Combika 6, 42 - 256 Olsztyn
phone: 034 3285 137, 0 600 201 937
Bank account number: 12 1020 1664 0000 3202 0093 7938

We offer rooms for rent for 2, 3, 4, 5 people, year-round. Seperate entrance, rooms with bathrooms, TV set, Internet, balconies and terrace.
The building is located near the castle. We invite for cheap and wonderful holidays in a calm and quiet surrounding.
Car park, barbecue place and camping.

"Pod Sosnami"
Guzikowska Alicja
Napoleona 6
42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 513 203 671

Our building is located in a calm place of a pine forest. The house is surrounded with a garden and 100-years old pine trees. On the hill there are the ruins of a castle - 5 minutes walking distance from our place; there is a nature reserve Sokole Góry, picturesque hills, caves and outliers – main attraction for climbers and speleologists.

In the centre of Olsztyn you can find: a post office, a cash machine, a church,  shops, restaurants,, health services, PKS, MPK, BUS stations.

We offer:

  • 20 places
  • a place for parking cars, doing barbecue and storing sports equipment,
  • breakfasts.

Feel invited to come for the weekends, short stays, family holidays.
We kindly ask for reservation in advance 76 1540 1014 3004 7306 1511 0001
In case of reservation, we ask for a non-refundable payment (30% of the price)
The rest of money to be paid in the day of arrival.


"Pod świerkami"
Polna 85, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: (034) 3285104, 0 607 769 646

- attic
1 room for 3 people, with a bathroom and a kitchen area

- 1st floor
1 room for 3 people + balcony (from the hall)
1 room for 4 people, with a balcony
 shared bathroom and toilet
+ fully equipped kitchen   

- ground floor
1 double room  
1 room for 4 people
shared bathroom and toilet + kitchen area, seperate entrance to the building  

 TV set in each room.


- castle ruins from the 14th century,
-  baroque church,
- Olsztyn Nativity Scene,
-  „Stodoła” theatre,
- Sokole Góry nature reserve with many caves,
- pine and beech forests, where you can find blueberries and mushrooms,
- geological route,
- Kielniki Quarry.

We offer a car park for our guests, a place for barbecue and fire-camp. Beautiful view from the window – ruins of the medieval castle and Sokole Góry reserve (pine and beech forests) - 5 min walking distance to the forest. You can rest in a nice and calm surrounding. Ideal place for individuals, families and groups of friends, for short stays, weekends. Many walking and cycling routes.

We guarantee a nice atmosphere.

"Pod zamkiem"
Karłowatej Sosny 5, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 601 416 000

Porada Jolanta i Tadeusz
Napoleona 23, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: (034) 3285043 ...

3 double rooms + 2 rooms for 3 people.
Car park, campfire place, barbecue.

"Przy Stawach Borowe"

Piotr and Anna Zawadzcy
Mstowska 9
phone: 34 3285 212, 509 700 732
Bank account number: 69 8260 0006 2000 0005 3963 0001

We invite you to visit a beautiful town located in Kraków-Częstochowa Jura.  
Olsztyn is located 15 km from Częstochowa. Our building is located in Olsztyn, in an ideal place for holidays in a calm place with beautiful nature.
We rent a house year-round. Our house is fully furnished and well equipped. Outside there is place for a firecamp and barbecue. We have a car park. The building is located near the steam.

Moreover, we offer horse-drawn carriage rides and sleigh rides.

Sokole Ranczo

Krzysztof Filapek
Ul. Zrębska 39
42-256 Biskupice
tel. 693 701 379, 792 930 016

Our farm is spread within 12 ha of a park situated at the foot of the mountains "Sokole Góry" - the biggest preserve of the region of jura krakowsko-częstohowska. Apart from the accomodation there are such facilities as: the stable, grill, parking space, an outdoor fireplace, ecological vegetable garden and an orchard. Our herd consists of horses, sheep, goats (three of which were born in March this year), a cat and a dog. Our guests are also encouraged to try horse-riding or taking care of our other little friends. Enthusiasts of mushroom picking will be pleased as the territory is rich in different kinds of mushrooms.

3 rooms are available:
1. Maritime room –  one single bed
2. Rooster room – two single beds
Both rooms have the access to big individual bathrooms and additional toilet.
3. The room of roses – one double bed and one additional single bed, bathroom with shower, toilet and balcony.

There is a possibility of renting the whole apartment, we may increase the number of beds then (max. 9 people).
Rooms are interconnected by the salon with fully equipped kitchenette and the sunny balcony with a view to the beatiful park and our farm.

Each room is accommodated with  free wi-fi and television. There is a possibility of buying breakfasts. We offer homely eggs and milk as well as fresh vegetables and fruits from our orchard.

- parking space
- ecological orchard and vegetable garden
- 12 ha of a park
- grill
- outdoor fireplace
- forest full of mushrooms
- alley of briches
- friendly animals

"Stajnia Biały Borek"
(Agrotourism / Restaurant / Stable)

Biskupice, Zrębska 121, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 600 096 708, 0 603 930 703

We offer rooms for rent even for 20 people. Stable is located at the foot of Sokole Mountains. Our restaurant can prepare all kind of events: art exhibitions, occassional meetings, business meetings. Stylish interior with unique atmosphere with a fireplace. We offer delicious dishes, and accommodation.
Additionaly we offer horse riding classes (for children and adults), wyprawy and rides w teren - wszystko to pod okiem instructor jazdy konnej. We organise  również wyprawy to caves and rock climbing. Pod okiem wytrawnych speleologists and alpinists.

Stępień Stefania
Zachodnia 16, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 510 229 747

- rooms for 2, 3, 4 people, with a beautiful view - on the castle ruins
- TV set
- all rooms have balconies
- kitchen
- car park.

"U Anny"
Anna Tomalska
Zielona 28, 42-256 Olsztyn,
phone: (034) 3285306, 0 507 940 842

We offer rooms for 2, 3, 4 people, including rooms with bathrooms. There is a big room decorated in a modern way.
z pełnym węzłem sanitarnym. In the attic there are newly furnished rooms of a high standard, with a view to a castle. In the corridor there is a kitchen area. On request, our guests can buy delicious, home-made meals.  
Outdoors there is a place for putting a tent or parking the camper van. The owners have a big white dog which loves to play with our guests. Near the house there is a big fenced place where you can park a car. Place for a campfire and barbecue for more people. We offer accommodation for groups up to 40 people.
We offer also a summer house with a kitchen, bathroom and a room for a small family.  

"U Uli"
Urszula Trąbska
Krasawa 4, 42-256 Olsztyn,
phone: 0 664 994 510, 0 600 954 397

Our building is located in Kraków-Częstochowa Jura, in the Olsztyn Commune.
We offer a room with a terrace and a separate entrance.
In a room there is:
- a bathroom
- 2 double beds
- kitchen area
- TV set
- electric kettle
- refrigerator
- gas stove
- kitchen accessories
- wireless access to the Internet
Outside the building:

- place for a barbecue and firecamp
- enough space for active way of spending free time
- sandbox
- swing
- garden furniture
- forest 20m
You can rest in a calm surrounding. Ideal place for families with children and for individuals.
Many walking and cycling routes.  

Olsztyn - 9km
Złoty Potok - 8km
Poraj - 12km
Siedlec Janowski - 3km
Prices for renting a room:
- for 2 people - 70zł
- for 3 people - 90zł
- for 4 people - 100zł
One day stay, price for 1 person - 40 zł

Wrzosowy Zakątek
Gil Teresa
Polna 49, 42 - 256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 506 636 386

We offer 3 rooms of a high standard with a separate entrance.
We can host up to 16 people (additional beds). In the bathrooms there is a shower, a washbasin and a toilet.

For our guests only we offer a kitchen area with all necessary accessories: refrigerator, gas  stove, dishes.

Outdoors there is a wooden arbour where it is possible to rest even during the rainy days. There is a place for a barbecue and firecamp
You can feel safe to leave your car in our fenced car park.

We invite you to spend some time in our beautiful town – Olsztyn where you can see many tourist attractions, including medieval castle ruins. Feel invited to visit the monuments of Kraków-Częstochowa Jura: Eagles' Nests Route, Jura's Tower Houses Route, Sokole Góry reserve and caves.

Outdoors there is a campsite
We offer a campsite where you can use the sanitary complex. There is an ideal place for partying  by a firecamp, barbecue and a nice stay in a calm surrounding of nature.

„Wypoczynek u Ewy”

Ewa Wąsik
Napoleona 8, 42-256 Olsztyn
42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 34 328 53 24, 601 654 291
Bank account number 72826000062001000224480001
e-mail :

Our house is a place where you can rest surrounded with coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees. Nearby there are the ruins of a medieval castle (5 minutes walking distance) and „Sokole Góry” nature reserve (20 minutes walking distance).

This place is ideal for people who enjoy trips, rock climbing, bicycling. The distance to the nearest bus stop is 50 m (MPK), PKS - 500 m., petrol station - 2 km.

Year round we offer 5 rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people (14 places). Each room is equipped with a TV set, radio and Wi-Fi. For our guests there are three bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

We offer a place to park your car, to barbecue, to store sport equipment. More information on our website.

Feel invited!

(Agrotourism / Restaurant)
Jerzy Dobiech
Zielona 23, 42 - 256 Olsztyn
phone: (34) 3285-194

"Zajazd u Hermanów"
Kościelna 12, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: (34) 3285-195, 602 139 802

"Zielona Grusza"
Zofia Sieradzka
Zamkowa 12, 42-256 Olsztyn
phone: 0 608 701 576

We invite individual guests as well as organised groups. We offer 16 places in 5 rooms. There is a possibility of using additional beds. Moreover our guests can use two big living rooms where they can rest or organise a party (music instruments, kitchen, bathrooms).

On request, we organise events (meals, waiters, music, accommodation, barbecue/campfire)

Only with us you can take part in the course of rock climbing!
Possible to rent bikes.  
The building is located close to the castle ruins, 100 meters from the market square in Olsztyn!

The Olsztyn Commune Office in Olsztyn does not take responsibility for the accuracy, content, completeness or reliability of the information contained in these announcements.

People interested in putting information connected with carrying out business activities in the Olsztyn Commune are asked to contact the Olsztyn Commune Office, contact number: 0-34 3285-077.


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