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First records about Olsztyn come from the begining of the 14th century and  refer to the structure called the Przymiłowice Castle. Soon in the neighbourhood of the stronghold outside its walls grew a settlement, which came to be known as Olsztynek (named so by Paweł Odrowąż). The settlement was granted a town charter by Casimir Jagiellon in 1448.

Another significant moment in the history of Olsztyn was in 1532 when Olsztyn was granted trading privileges to hold markets, which undeniably boosted its further development. The expansion of the town had to stop running its course as first it was ravaged by Maximilian Habsburg 's army in 1587, only to be followed by an attack from the Swedish invasion some 100 years later.

A fire in 1719 completely destroyed the area. Olsztyn, despite enjoying the status of a royal town, finally ended as a rural settlement of farmers. However, it was not until 1870 when the town charter was revoked by the tsarist order.  

Olsztyn Castle, 16th century (by Anna Ujma)


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